An open cardboard box displaying a selection of festive rabbit treats and toys and a postcard.

HUGE Holiday Haul!

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This super limited edition Christmas bundle is jam-packed for the holidays. This box contains all the items of the original Christmas box plus FOUR additional festive toys!

This Box contains:

  • Naturals Festive Gnaw Baubles.
  • Wooden Loofa Christmas Tree.
  • Holly Leaf Hanging Gnaw or Robin Hanging Gnaw.
  • Party Pinecone.
  • Naturals Christmas Bag of Baubles.
  • Rosewood Naturals Snow Bunny Treat.
  • Holly Robin Forage Cracker.
  • Bunnies That Lunch Festive Mix.
  • Snowflake Gnaws.
  • Christmas Tree Puzzle Gnaw Toy.
  • An exclusive postcard designed by Ivy Illustrations.