Charity of the Month

One Bun At A Time

This month's Charity of the Month is 'One Bun at a Time'!

'Well who would of thought that nearly 2 years ago 5 bunny mad ladies would get together and create the group One Bun At A Time. We saw there was a gap in the rescue world of a well organised group who could help either one bun or thirty buns. The group was set up and soon we had a small dedicated team of transporters, along with rescues who we knew would adhere to the RWAF accommodation standard for re-homing. Our group now includes foresters all over England and Wales and just recently we have gained charity status. This year we have worked alongside the RSPCA inspectors and helped when a breeding facility lost its licence.

Some of our cases are absolutely heartbreaking, like Sir Sefton who was in a tiny cage, he had been attacked by the resident dog and had a huge calcium lump where the dog had bitten his ear and he had to carry on having the dog jumping and barking at him. Sadly his ear couldn’t be saved but he manages with one and is married to a blind and deaf beauty called Elise who was also part of another seizure by environmental control officer. They now live at Yateley Sanctuary but are funded by One Bun for the rest of their lives.

Our aim is to help the less fortunate rabbits and guinea pigs who are in situations far from ideal, get the rabbits vaccinated where possible and then into rabbit rescues to start their new life, we have helped nearly 500 rabbits and 80 guinea pigs so far.
We are completely self funded, transporters travel many miles for us and rescues bend over backwards to help. It's a team effort and we are passionate about what we try and do.

Being Charity of the Month is a great honour and we appreciate the extra exposure. We currently have 13 rabbits in various sanctuary spaces so I am sure they will enjoy the bits and bobs being sent to them.

Thank you from the One Bun Team, Jenny, Hilary, Penny, Genevieve and Carly'

Bunnies That Lunch - Charity Of The Month

Each month we select a new rescue/charity to feature as our Charity of the Month.

The chosen charity will get a bumper haul of Bunnies that Lunch goodies at the end of the month, including this month's subscription box and all samples.

We are also encouraging you guys to get involved by adding a £1 'Non Profit Treat for a Rescue Bunny' to your order.

This will be added to our giant bundle at the end of the month and sent directly to the rescue :)

To nominate a charity please email: with the subject 'Charity of the Month.'