Rabbit Rescue - Torun - Helping Bunnies in Poland that have had to flee the Ukraine
This month our Charity of the Month is 'Rabbit Rescue Torun' an international charity for the first time. We need all your help to raise as many funds as possible to help this amazing rescue. They are completely over run with bunnies at the moment and are taking on so many rabbits and other pets that have been left behind in the Ukraine.
Please read just a snippet of one of their amazing, selfless efforts in saving the lives of so many precious bunnies that have been left behind:
On Monday evening, we received information about a dozen rabbits in Lviv who urgently needed our help.For several days we had been on the alert, waiting for another transport from Ukraine - from Zaporozhye (we are also monitoring this matter all the time), so a few hours later the man for special tasks, Tomek, was on his way. In Warsaw, Tom was joined by Dorota, who, despite the distance that separates us, has also been part of the Asylum for years and just a day earlier she brought to the Asylum other two Ukrainian rabbits - Alfa and Ganesha, whom you will also meet today.On Tuesday evening, after 8 p.m., Dorota and Tomek left Lviv with a dozen rabbits in bad condition. We were hoping that they would reach us on Wednesday morning, but everything got complicated when it turned out that at the border in Hrebenna they had not been allowed into the country. There was no justification for this, as rabbits are not affected by the restrictions contained in the Chief Veterinary Officer guidelines for cats, dogs and ferrets, but the discussion was unsuccessful. No because no. When asked "what should we do with these rabbits", an answer was even given that they could be put to sleep on the border. The statement that if this child was riding with a mascot - one rabbit, there would be no problem to cross the border, it is better to leave without comment.From Hrebenne, the transport headed for the border in Korczowa, and although we knew that there were no legal grounds not to pass the transport across the border, we were already wondering what to do next ... the road through Slovakia?Fortunately, there was no problem at the border crossing in Korczowa and at 3 am we breathed a sigh of relief - once again, when the slogan "Poland" was mentioned 😉Dorota and Tomek ❤️On Wednesday, at 11am, the transport reached Toruń. 21 rabbits, including 5 adult rabbits and 16 approx. 2-3 month old babies - genetic bombs, this is the only way to describe it. Rabbits that were to be feed.


Charity of The Month is a scheme where we donate a HUGE haul to a well deserving Charity/Rescue every month.
You can add a '£1 Non Profit Treat for a Rescue Bunny' to any order or as an order in itself (no shipping charge on this)  - and we will gather them all up each month and send them to our COTM - along with heaps of extra goodies and the monthly subscription box added from us too! :) 
Together we can make a difference and help everybun enjoy Bunnies That Lunch.

Nominate a Charity/Rescue by emailing their details to hello@bunniesthatlunch.com  - At the moment due to Covid we can only offer this to UK rescues but will be worldwide in the future.

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