Bebette's Bunny Rescue
This month our Charity of the Month is 'Bebette's Bunny Rescue' in Florida, USA.A non-profit rescue dedicating their time to helping save bunny lives. They help rabbits who are neglected, surrendered, and dumped in Nassau and Duval counties.Together we can help make a difference to this amazing charity and hopefully pass a Christmas gift to every bunny in their care and more."One of our recent intakes is a group of orphaned bunnies whom I am currently bottle feeding. Their mom was dumped and she had a litter of four in a burrow outside a neighbourhood.
 Sadly, she was attacked and killed by a dog when the babies were only about 5 days old. When a neighbour found the babies, she called us and delivered them around 10 pm at night. Since then their eyes have opened and are starting to nibble on alpha hay!" -Samantha Burns

Charity of The Month is a scheme where we donate a HUGE haul to a well deserving Charity/Rescue every month.
You can add a '£1 Non Profit Treat for a Rescue Bunny' to any order or as an order in itself (no shipping charge on this)  - and we will gather them all up each month and send them to our COTM - along with heaps of extra goodies and the monthly subscription box added from us too! :) 
Together we can make a difference and help everybun enjoy Bunnies That Lunch.

Nominate a Charity/Rescue by emailing their details to  - 

Bunny love
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